DON’T BREATHE – Spoiler Discussion Part 3 – Questions/Concerns Regarding Plot Details

DON’T BREATHE – Spoiler Discussion Part 3 – Questions/Concerns Regarding Plot Details

***Spoilers ahead***
All right…enough about why they want to break into his home, why he has his house secured so tightly, and what he tries to do to our female protagonist.  Don’t even get me started on that turkey baster.  Let’s dive into some questions/concerns in regards to plot details that seem either convenient or not as well-explained (not that this changed my mind about how enjoyable the movie was).  It may get lengthy (with perhaps a dose of geekness), so grab yourself a cup o’ Joe if you need to.


The story in the movie takes place in 2016 (see close-up shots of the alarm system showing the date, when they break into another house in the opening scene, and shots of some of the cell phone text screens), and an online article that Alex reads says that the man’s daughter was 17 years old when hit by a car.  Later, when Money enters the man’s room, we see a video playing of his daughter from 1998 (which is more than 17 years prior).  Plus, even though she’s just a little kid in the video, from the audio, it’s clear that she’s old enough to speak (she says something about having three seeds and planting a tree).  Therefore, she was definitely born well before 1998; so she had to have died some years prior to the events of the movie.  Question is, how many years?

At some point, Money goes into the blind man’s room and disperses sleeping gas to keep him out.  Soon, however, after they succeed in breaking open the lock on the door to the basement, suddenly, he is awake and standing RIGHT THERE.  A good shocking reveal, but was the sleeping gas Money used not effective against him?  If it did knock him out, why didn’t it last long?  And if he’s a light sleeper (having woken up to the noise), how did he manage to doze off with audio coming from the video playing

Money sees blind man sleeping.jpg

So after Money gets shot dead, Rocky backs away and hides in the closet.  Fortunately, for her, the blind man walks right in, opens up part of the closet wall to a safe, opens the safe by entering a combination code where the digits ARE ACTUALLY DISPLAYED ON SCREEN, and checks on the cash, which turns out to be closer to $1 million than $300K (why the sudden increase in cash?).  What a coincidence that Rocky is hiding in the very spot where the money is being kept, and how ironic that by checking to see if his money is there, he inadvertently exposes its location and the safe combo, giving her an opportunity to steal the dough. While we’re at it, when Rocky enters the combo to open the safe and take the cash, why doesn’t the blind man hear the beeping sounds from the keys being pushed?

Rocky and Alex attempt to help Cindy (the kidnapped girl) escape, and they decide to take the exit through the cellar door.  Alex manages to open the lock, and when the door opens, who else to await them on the other side but the blind man himself who fires shots in their general direction!  How did he get to the outside of the cellar door that quickly?  Didn’t he have all of the other doors locked, especially after killing Money?

Rocky up against wall after Money is murdered.jpg

After the blind man renders Rocky unconscious, he reveals he plans to impregnate her to give him a child, but why doesn’t he go ahead and do it beforehand while she is unconscious (wouldn’t it have been easier)?  Why does he wait until she wakes up to tell her and attempt to inseminate her, prompting her, despite being restrained, to struggle and plea in a fashion resembling an about-to-be-raped victim?  Was it to provide exposition to the audience, or to show his atheism-driven ego from believing that one is capable of anything if he doesn’t believe in God?

It’s never explained in the film how the man managed to kidnap Cindy.  Surely he was blind when he pulled it off, right?  So how did that work?  Furthermore, if news regarding what Cindy did to the man’s daughter and the cash settlement has been made public, wouldn’t there also be well-known news articles stating that this girl is missing, considering how wealthy her family is?

Alex dodges the blind man as the latter is walking.png

If there’s anything this movie has shown that is terrifying about the blind man, it’s how much he has survived.  Did anyone keep track of how many times he was bludgeoned with a blunt object?  Alex hits him a number of times with a hammer when he frees Rocky; then Rocky herself hits him numerous times with a crowbar; then the man falls down through a door into the basement; THEN HE IS SHOT IN THE TORSO WITH HIS OWN PISTOL!  Yet, at the very end of the film, a news report says that he is “in stable condition.”  I get it – he’s Stephen Lang (this is Colonel Quaritch we’re talking about, after all), but it’s like he’s a Terminator or something!

blind man points gun at entrance.jpg

Maybe there will be some fanboy theories out there to address and explain these.  Nevertheless, they did NOT take away from my enjoyment of the film, nor did they yours, hopefully.



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