DON’T BREATHE – Spoiler Discussion Part 2

DON’T BREATHE – Spoiler Discussion Part 2

***Spoiler spoiler spoiler, in case it wasn’t obvious***

Did I forget to mention also how heightened the blind man’s sense of hearing is?  I figured it makes sense (pun?) if he has to rely on it more to be able to hear where his intruders are within the house and where they’re doing/saying.  Aren’t there scientific articles that discuss or even demonstrate that the significant weakening of one sense results in the significant sharpening of other senses?   Plus, the movie would have you believe that, although he wasn’t blind from birth, he has grown accustomed to hearing and feeling his way through his home, not to mention in one scene, he is able to pick up the scent of Rocky’s shoes, hinting at a realization that Money was not alone.

But enough technical babble; bottom line, the man’s sharp sense of hearing, if anything, makes for a powerful asset in his ‘blind’ pursuit of the young would-be robbers.  Having seen the film, it’s easy to understand why you wouldn’t want to make even the slightest sound near him, ‘cuz if he hears where you are, chances are he will go Liam-Neeson-from-Taken on your a**: he will come for you, he will find you, and he will kill you, or at least try very hard to.

So why does he appear so dead-set on killing any of his intruders and/or ensuring his home is locked securely?  Remember the lock that Money breaks open with his 9 mm?  The door leads to the basement where, in a surprise twist, Cindy Roberts (Franciska Töröcsik), the young girl who killed the man’s daughter, is held captive in a homemade padded cell (in a fashion that one might wonder if she came out of a Saw movie or something).  As the blind man puts it, “Cindy took my child away from me…I thought it [was] only fair that she give me a new one.” <cue suspense audio track>

He has created a make-shift sperm lab in the basement and artificially inseminated Cindy with his own sperm, and he has been willing to keep this a secret for as long as necessary, or at least until she gives birth (so nine months, I take it).  Unfortunately for him and Cindy, when Rocky and Alex try to help her escape with them, she is shot dead, and therefore, he wants Rocky to take her place as retribution.  In her struggle to escape, he knocks her out and restrains her in the padded cell in a similar fashion as he has done her dead predecessor.  Her wrists are even handcuffed behind her back (BDSM, anyone?).  After she comes to, he explains his reasoning for keeping her alive when he could’ve killed her (Did some audience members say “Ohh!” or “Ohh, s**t!” at this point?).

This kidnapping-a-girl-to-act-as-a-surrogate-mother subplot may seem like it would detract from the film’s overall plot of intruders vs. homeowner, but it actually plays into the rest of the movie well.  It doesn’t feel tacked on; if anything, it makes it more understandable why he so badly wants his house fortressed without intruders (to the point of being willing to kill anyone who breaks in) and yet, at the same time, makes him come across as both a more disturbing and more disturbed individual.  Even some of the close-ups of his blind-eyed face make him look like he is a calculating zombie (ex. the shot of him as he is holding Cindy’s dead body and yelling “No!”).  How many fathers do you know who lost their little girl in a car accident would decide to impregnate their little girl’s killer?

There will probably be a part 3 (questions/concerns regarding plot details)…


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