Where to Begin and Summer 2016 Films

Where to Begin and Summer 2016 Films

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As a blogging first-timer, where do I start (aside from this post, of course)?  Should I write an analysis of a movie I recently saw?  Make a commentary about a director and his/her highlights with some trademark films as examples?  Note parallels between two movies that would probably otherwise not be seen as similar?  Or even go into discussion about an old film?

Image resultMoving on to recent releases, this summer has seen a diverse range of interesting films, from X-Men Apocalypse to The Shallows, from Finding Dory to The Secret Life of Pets, and more recently, Suicide Squad, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Don’t Breathe.

Image resultSome films I would recommend watching more than once, whether it be because said films are entertaining or critically acclaimed as well.  Others films I may brush over as see-only-once-just-to-know-what-it’s-like flicks.  Finally, there are simply the ones that are probably not interesting enough or worth checking out, period, whether the discouragement may be due to bad reviews, poor box office performance, or both (Ben-Hur, anyone?).

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Some films are meant to thrill or keep you on the edge of your seat (Don’t Breathe), some are meant to touch your emotional soft spots (Kubo), and some are meant to make you laugh like you’re watching a great stand-up comedy routine (Bad Moms).

Guess we’ll see what I may write about next.  Stay tuned…


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